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Introducing the ARA of Madison Blog


Welcome everyone to the debut of the ARA of Madison blog. This is our inaugural post so we’re going to take the opportunity to say hello, introduce ourselves, and give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit us and read our future posts.

Who We Are

First off, ARA of Madison is a licensed Bosch Auto Service Center. We have been operating in Madison for over 35 years.

Our focus has always been to offer the absolute best auto service you can find in South Central Wisconsin. Our expert team has experience working on a huge variety of domestic, import and vintage vehicles.

But our expertise doesn’t begin and end with car repair. We can also help you with repairs on trucks, 4x4s or even boats and other marine vehicles.

Answering Your Car Questions

Which brings us to the purpose of our new blog. While we are always happy to help you schedule an appointment to bring in your car for a check-up, we understand that the world of cars and car repair brings with it a lot of questions.

Some of you are do-it-your-selfers and are working on restoring your ’64 Mustang. Some of you might be wondering what that weird clunking sound is under the hood. And some of you might just have questions about routine maintenance. No matter what, that’s what we’re going to try to help you with.

In the future, you might see articles about how to properly maintain your transmission or how to properly store your vintage beauty during the winter. Other times we may discuss current events in the auto industry such as important recalls or news like the recent Volkswagen emissions controversy.

No matter what though, our goal is to provide everyone with a way for us to come together and talk about something we’re all passionate about – cars. So bookmark this page and stay tuned. We’ll have more for you soon.