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Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Lights

Today’s modern computer controlled and monitored vehicles are very sophisticated.  As many as 2 dozen computers and data processors keep track of all the vehicle functions. Body control, transmission, engine, fuel systems, emissions, etc are looked after by these multitude of computers.

When an alert is made by a text method or warning light, codes are recorded and are available for access.  This is just the first step in the evaluation process. Codes DO NOT tell us what the cause is, they merely send us to a certain department. Ghost codes (a code implicating a part but not the cause) are common.  These ghost codes can send us in the wrong direction. A smart tech will look at these and all codes, match to symptoms and seek a pathway for further evaluation.  Many vehicle manufacturers had bulletins posted which have determined the symptoms and their causes from field reports. These bulletins will outline a correction. Some corrections may be software changes or physical design changes and should be reviewed and then decided if this is a prudent action to take.

Many repair facilities like to take an action because they saw something similar and skip the assessment process, this is a risky process.

We follow a designed evaluation process to try to come directly to a solution and not just swap parts and guess our way through. We have massive data bases and diagnostic tools and a lot of experience to make the correct choices.

A real and true professional will calmly find a solution and execute this solution for the problems that exist.  This is why customers come here and other shops recommend us.